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Top 5 Therapy Clinical Outcome Focus Areas Part 3 of 5: Medicaid CMI

HTS has identified the top 5 therapy clinical outcome focus areas for 2021 based on our experiences from 2020 which makes us better equipped to overcome COVID-19 related obstacles. Furthermore, after attending a 15-hour training and certification process, HTS management staff have all become “PDPM Masters.” These additional “feathers in our cap” allow us to uniquely champion process improvement initiatives alongside your interdisciplinary team. As HTS continues to identify opportunities for clinical growth, a key process improvement area will be discussed each month.


This month’s clinical outcome focus area is:

Medicaid CMI

HTS has made it our goal to partner with our clients in every facet of the skilled nursing facility – not just within the walls of the therapy gym. Through business review meetings and discussions with HTS therapists and regional directors, we have become aware of the need for a more detailed look at Medicaid CMI. The HTS team immediately went to work to create a deep-dive analysis program. Now, HTS management is able to apply operational, clinical, and strategic insight to provide solutions to help our clients efficiently assign a dollar value to the treatment of Medicaid patients that is consistent with medical needs. HTS is here to serve you as a facilitator of opportunity and process improvement initiatives through a Medicaid CMI Deep-Dive. Medicaid CMI success is achieved through a three-pronged approach:

Medicaid CMI Deep-Dive Services currently available to HTS Clients

HTS management completes report interpretation at the site level by analyzing data provided within the Time-Weighted CMI Resident Roster Report. A summary of potential vulnerabilities and opportunity areas are identified and reported to the interdisciplinary team. Opportunities are then discussed and assigned to a process improvement champion. Timeframes are designated to keep the team on track with system development. CMI information is then tracked on a quarterly basis to show benchmarking and trends. This value-add service comes with a standard rate of $500. However, for HTS clients, this proprietary deep-dive is offered as a complimentary service.

See below for additional step-by-step details of the deep-dive process:

  1. The Time-Weighted CMI Resident Roster Report for the last 4 quarters are requested.
  2. Reports are interpreted and analyzed by the HTS Management Team
  3. A site-specific, customized presentation of Medicaid CMI data analysis is provided. Opportunities for Medicaid CMI improvement are identified and discussed.
  4. Medicaid CMI data tracking continues as reports are received.
  5. HTS Regional Directors are your “boots on the ground” to facilitate process improvement initiatives.

Need a Powerful Therapy Partner? Contact Amanda Green, Executive Director of Strategic Development amanda@htstherapy.com for information about our contract therapy partnerships.

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