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Scope Out Your Competition Get Your Bragging Data Gain Insight on Your Hospitals & Physicians

HTS offers valuable market insight reporting that delivers an important 360-degree view of competitive data for our post-acute care providers. Our valued customers gain access to the most up-to-date healthcare market data needed to up their strategic game to increase admissions and strengthen referral relationships. Data is derived from CMS and updated quarterly with the most recent Medicare claims data.

Data Points include:

  • Top Referring Hospitals & Physicians
  • Market Share by County
  • Inpatient Claims Data – Medicare FFS & Advantage
  • Hospital Admissions & Utilization Trends
  • Hospital Discharges to SNF Detail
  • Readmission Rate: 30 Day FFS & MA
  • Competitor Insights & Benchmarking
  • Total Patient Cost Following SNF

What Can You Do with this Data?

The opportunities are vast! Our Market Insight data allows you to put numbers behind your census efforts and quantify your goals based on current and potential market share. Additionally, you can compare your metrics against your competition and find new potential referring partners. Maximizing this data invites strategic conversations and future growth plans to further strengthen your network and relationships.

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