Proven Approach


Proven Approach to Delivering Powerful Rehabilitation Programs

Not all therapy companies are created equal. With over 35 years of expertise, HTS understands that simply providing therapy isn’t enough. As your partner in therapy, HTS provides solutions that positively impact your overall success in multiple areas. Strong rehabilitation programs are built by breaking down silos and fully immersing person-centered programs, processes and resources to ensure clinical, financial and operational success.

HTS therapy programs are built with a strategic focus on the following key performing indicators…

Supporting Our Partners

Navigating our industry is challenging enough. With all of the moving parts, administrators shouldn’t have to run the therapy program as well. A good therapy partner should work alongside your team to consistently provide the most up to date education, solutions and innovations to keep elevating your rehabilitation program.

We are helping our clients navigate some of their largest challenges from recruitment and census to CMI and reimbursement. HTS delivers expertise, industry insight and solutions to support our partners at all levels for a strong future:

Imagine what you can achieve when therapy is supporting you at all levels.

Supporting Our Therapy Teams

We often hear from new clients that they love their therapy team, but need more support from their therapy provider.

As a therapist owned and managed company, we understand that support is vital to the daily and overall success of the therapy team and rehabilitation program. That is why we are focused on building the best team by lifting programs, clinical tools and support upward to each therapist creating an overall powerful program.

By providing local and attentive regional operations directors, we deliver quick attention and support to our therapy teams while also meeting the unique needs of your organization. Our goal is to support your current programs and people while adding additional tools and solutions to strengthen and provide innovative rehabilitative care.

HTS as your Therapy Partner

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