Your Partner in Therapy…and more.

HTS serves communities by providing comprehensive physical, occupational, speech therapy and wellness programs.  However, we are more than just a therapy provider. We work side-by-side with our partners at all levels. We are experts in our craft with 30+ years of proven success providing exceptional programs, people and processes to ensure the clinical and financial strength of our clients.

How We Support Our Partners

HTS is helping providers conquer some of the biggest challenges in our industry. We are a trusted partner that delivers on our promises and provides innovative and powerful solutions. You deserve a company that is committed to creating a strong future for your organization.  See how we support our partners below.

Our Proven Approach

Our Proven Approach

With over 35 years of expertise, we understand that simply providing therapy isn’t enough. Powerful rehabilitation programs are built by breaking down silos and fully immersing person-centered programs, processes and resources utilizing a systematic and proven approach.

Reimbursement Expertise

Reimbursement Expertise

Aligning with MDS coding and documentation experts, our unique system bridges the divide between IDT care and coding to foster quality outcomes and reimbursement accuracy.

Clinical Programs & Pathways

Clinical Programs & Pathways

HTS Clinical Programs are designed to meet the needs of every resident. Working in partnership with our clients, HTS delivers powerful and innovative programs and solutions for your IDT that drive quality improvement at all levels.

Census & Marketing Solutions

Census & Marketing Solutions

Building and maintaining census is hard work. As every client and market is unique, you need partners that know your specific challenges and can help develop solutions and a plan for success. We provide marketing and census development solutions to support our clients in telling their best story.

Innovative & Valuable Education

Innovative & Valuable Education

HTS provides education on a range of IDT current topics and trends. Our High Impact education series features trainings instructed by various specialists with shared insights for driving Medicare and Managed Care program compliance, efficiency and reimbursement accuracy.

On-Demand Client Resources

On-Demand Client Resources

PartnerHQ web portal serves as a powerful communication tool providing our partners with instant access to toolkits, trainings, data and solutions to support your team’s success. The responsive design platform provides easy access to the portal on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

We hire exceptional people who do amazing things.

Search Jobs

HTS offers great pay and comprehensive benefits. We are hiring physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants and speech-language pathologists! Search jobs to explore opportunities near you.

The HTS Difference

We know you love your career but want the flexibility to allocate valuable time to the people you love and activities you enjoy. We understand you want a company who is invested in your future and encourages your professional development.


HTS is a place where you can excel as a clinician, make great friends and be passionate about helping people every day.  Being a therapist is a calling and we attribute our success to the talent, strength and determination in each of our therapists.

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CMI Deep Dive Analytics

HTS provides solutions to assist our partners effectively capture clinically indicated conditions and services to facilitate patient centered care that is consistent with medical needs. Maximize your CMI opportunities through accurate coding for clinical and financial success.

Your CMI Deep Dive Includes…

5 PDPM Process Improvement Solutions

PDPM success is contingent upon excellent communication. Therapy no longer drives the meeting process as all disciplines within the IDT must contribute to the collection of data to assure coding accuracy.

HTS is uniquely positioned with a team of seasoned therapists and nurses to analyze data trends for system optimization under PDPM. 

The HTS Census Circle... A Powerhouse Network for Senior Care Marketing

Let’s face it, building and maintaining census is hard work. Now more than ever, you need a group of like-minded professionals that share the same challenges when it comes to the everchanging world of census stabilization.

Brought to you by your marketing team at HTS, we invite you to be a part of our Powerhouse Network…a collaborative of senior care marketing and admission gurus.