5 PDPM Process Improvement Solutions

PDPM success is contingent upon excellent communication. Therapy no longer drives the meeting process as all disciplines within the IDT must contribute to the collection of data to assure coding accuracy.

HTS is uniquely positioned with a team of seasoned therapists and nurses to analyze data trends for system optimization under PDPM. The HTS Process Improvement Starter Kit will catapult your building’s ability to tackle PDPM challenges with the use of 5 PDPM solutions.

Starter Kit Includes:

  1. Initial Medicare Meeting Tool & Discussion Guide
  2. Physician Query Process
  3. SLP Component Communication Tool
  4. NTA Case-Mix Group Classification Guide & NTA Quick Tips
  5. Nursing Classification Guide

Get Started Today!

HTS Partners have instant access to all of the tools and resources mentioned above by logging into the PartnerHQ web portal. For questions, please contact your HTS Regional Director.

Need a Powerful Therapy Partner? Contact Amanda Green, Executive Director of Strategic Development amanda@htstherapy.com for information about our contract therapy partnerships.

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