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Marketing Support Services

Let’s face it, building and maintaining census is hard work. Now more than ever, you need a team of like-minded post-acute care marketing experts that can add more members to your marketing team. HTS is uniquely positioned to have a marketing team devoted to supporting our partners with census growth and promoting therapy.

To the average person, post-acute care isn’t something we think about until the last minute when we need it. Whether you’re marketing to the general community, at patient bedside or partnering with an acute care provider, your marketing execution needs to be smart, intentional and effective.


HTS Census Building Solutions

We provide marketing, communication and graphic design services to support our clients in telling their best story. Our goal is to provide customized solutions to each community to meet the needs for census stabilization and powerful positioning.

Market Positioning:

  • Strategic Marketing 
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Local & Industry Data
  • SNF Market Research
  • New Construction Consulting

Acute Care Marketing:

  • Admission Process Improvement
  • Clinical Scope
  • Optimize Referral Network
  • Rehabilitation Outcomes
  • Acute Care Marketing Strategies

Brand Marketing:

  • Identity & Logo Design
  • Content Creation
  • Custom Designed Collateral
  • Public Relations Expertise
  • Multi-media Advertising

Community Marketing:

  • Success Stories
  • Event Planning
  • Therapy & Wellness Events
  • Community Education Workshops
  • Monthly Rehab Newsletter


  • Census Circle: Marketing & Admissions Education Series
  • Customer Service Training
  • Sales & Admission Training
  • Patient Journey Mapping
  • Recruitment Marketing

Healthcare Analytics:

  • Competitor Market Data
  • Most Current Med A, Managed, and Med B Claims Data
  • Quality & Performance Reporting
  • Access to Referral Patterns & Competitive Insights

Trainings Designed for Your Marketing & Admissions Team

Brought to you by your marketing team at HTS, we invite you to be a part of our Powerhouse Network…a collaborative of senior care marketing and admission gurus. HTS partners are invited to attend all live webinar trainings in addition to on-demand recorded trainings hosted on the PartnerHQ web portal.

Popular training topics include:

The First 72: Maximizing Your First Impression During a SNF Stay​

The first 72 hours of a skilled stay are the most critical for setting the stage for optimal outcomes, engagement, and satisfaction. Person-centered care and hospitality are the drivers of an optimal experience for your guests and families. Gain an insider’s perspective on the patient and family journey and take away executable ideas and processes to improve communication and one’s overall experience.

It Takes a Village – Collaborative Care Transitions

Successful care transitions and client experiences expand well beyond the discharge. Whether those we serve return to their home in the community or back to their apartment on our campus, taking a deep dive into the processes behind proper care transition can greatly reduce your risk for readmission penalties, stand out from the status quo, all while making you a trusted provider to your community and acute care partners.

Now Hiring! Leverage Your Marketing to Attract More Talent

To stay competitive and attract candidates to your organization, let’s talk about how to leverage your recruitment marketing. Dive into the importance of building a strong brand, utilizing an omni-channel approach and explore best practices to streamline your recruitment processes.

Developing Your Scorecard – Meaningful Metrics for Your Referral Network

Discover what key metrics you should be sharing with your physicians, hospitals, and managed care networks to strengthen communication and ultimately develop a value-based relationship. Fine tune one-on-one conversations with your referral network to create a collaborative partnership.

Creating Powerful First Impressions & Personalized Tours

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That saying is very relevant to our industry, especially when it comes to building census. First impressions matter. So how do we create a positive, person-centered first impression? Does our tour quality, both live and virtual, need a refresh? Are we effectively showing our value as the expert provider of choice? That’s exactly what we will be covering during this training.

What’s Your Secret Sauce? 5 Ways to Attract Referrals

SNF providers are finding creative ways to stand out against their competition in an over-bedded, crowded market. Learn 5 ways to attract new referrals and patients to your SNF. From marketing your teams clinical skills and programs to creating a "red carpet" experience, your secret sauce should be unique and show value to both your patients and referral partners.


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