Clinical Programs & Expertise

As your partner in therapy, HTS works diligently and collaboratively to implement powerful programs and solutions that drive quality improvement at all levels. HTS proprietary clinical programs are written in pace with changing legislative and regulatory mandates.  Programs are reviewed regularly and modified to meet the current best practice standards.


Site-Specific Impact

High-level monitoring of quality measures facilitates proactive interventions in the face of change and promotes custom solutions that keep our clients moving forward. 

HTS utilizes a national outcome repository comparison in addition to CASPER and PEPPER reports to identify areas of opportunity for program development. Through consistent monitoring of each partner’s quality measures, site-specific needs are identified and programs are developed to improve outcomes for:

    • SNF VBP
    • SNF QRP
    • BPCI
    • PDPM
    • Managed Care & naviHealth


Clinical Pathways   |   PDPM Therapy Expertise

Clinical pathways use evidence-based research to apply treatment guidance for each therapists’ scope of practice while supporting the range of factors and medical complexities associated with the principal condition. Clinical pathways impact the approach to treatment delivery to help progress the course of care.  HTS therapists have access to hundreds of best practice tools, programs, and tests through our online portal.


Part B & IDT Programming

HTS Regional Operations Directors along with Rehab Managers work closely with facility staff to implement programming to address facility QM targets. HTS leaders are knowledgeable in Medicare Part B and Medicaid reimbursement requirements, and promote coordination of effective, medically necessary Part B services to promote the highest quality care and appropriate reimbursement.

Fast Track Bone & Joint Recovery

Designed to accelerate healing for patients recovering from a joint replacement, fracture, or injury. This model offers a quick start of therapy and a monitored protocol for recovery. Utilizing proven treatments, our orthopedic programs are reducing healing time while producing the highest functional gains.

Star Quality Improvement Program

There are seven quality measures that therapy can directly impact for an optimal star rating. The Star Quality Improvement program includes focused modules that act as a turn-key guide for therapists to implement programming in collaboration with the IDT as opportunities arise for improvement.

THRIVE Successful Care Transition

This program is designed for successful post-discharge from skilled nursing back into the community, or to a senior living campus. THRIVE is evidence-based and focused on empowering and equipping each member of the care team with the necessary tools to promote the best outcomes for each patient.

Medication Self-Management

An Occupational Therapy driven program designed to help patients self-manage their medications when returning to the community for a successful care transition. Occupational Therapy has an important role in determining the physical and functional cognitive capacity of a patient to self-manage medications.

Breathe: A Pulmonary Intervention

Focused on percussion and postural drainage therapy also known as chest physical therapy. Therapy interventions can be beneficial in the respiratory treatment and physical rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19, COPD, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Asthma, ARDS, Lung Cancer, and many other respiratory conditions.

Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program

To help those individuals recovering from COVID-19 and are unable to return to their daily tasks. This program focuses on improving strength, endurance, balance, activity tolerance, functional mobility, swallowing, and cognitive-communication…all of which can be adversely affected during the COVID-19 recovery process. 

RISE: Falls Prevention Program

RISE provides the tools, training and evidence-based practices to reduce resident falls and improve safe movement in the long-term care setting. It aims to create a facility-wide proactive culture that anticipates and addresses patient needs, identifies patients at high fall risk and applies root cause analysis to determine causes of falls and future prevention methods.

Embracing the Cognitive Spectrum

A person-centered dementia care program offering an interdisciplinary approach. Our 13-modules include adapting activities, modifying the environment and implementing appropriate communication strategies to enhance function and provide solutions for meaningful life pursuits.

Control Urinary Incontinence Program

This physical or occupational therapy-driven program provides tools and resources necessary to successfully deliver intervention for urinary incontinence. This critical treatment intervention helps patients prevent urinary tract infections and restore bladder function to substantially improve patient quality of life.

HTS as your Therapy Partner

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