What To Do After A Fall

Everybody falls no matter what age, but for older adults, a fall can result in serious injuries. Knowing what to do if a fall occurs can be helpful to minimize additional injury. We recommend practicing getting up from a fall and fall safety tips to prevent injuries related to falls.

Steps to Take After a Fall

Step 1: Assess Your Injuries
Remain calm, take a deep breath and check for injuries.
Step 2: Call for Help
If you are injured or need assistance to get up, use a pendant alarm or phone to call for help.
Step 3: Get Your Body to All Fours Position
Use your elbows and arms to push your body up to a sitting position. Scoot on your bottom or crawl in an all-fours position towards sturdy furniture.
Step 4: Use Furniture to Pull Yourself Up
Using your good knee, get into a lunge position. Place both hands on the chair. Use your arms and legs to push up onto both feet and slowly rise to a standing position.
Step 5: Assess For Pain
When in a standing position, assess your pain. If you experience any pain, you should sit and wait for help.

Therapy Can Help Reduce Falls & Improve Balance
Physical Therapists provide balance training that targets specific muscle groups and challenges your body to improve your balance and ability to walk. Occupational Therapists can recommend, fit, and provide training on assistive devices and assess your home environment to prevent falls and help you get around safely.

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