Top 5 Therapy Clinical Outcome Focus Areas

HTS has identified the top 5 therapy clinical outcome focus areas for 2021 based on our experiences from 2020 which makes us better equipped to overcome COVID-19 related obstacles. Furthermore, after attending a 15-hour training and certification process, HTS management staff have all become “PDPM Masters.”

These additional “feathers in our cap” allow us to uniquely champion process improvement initiatives alongside your interdisciplinary team. As HTS continues to identify opportunities for clinical growth, we look forward to discussing these key process improvement areas in the coming months.

Top 5 Therapy Clinical Outcome Focus Areas:

  • Working Smarter with Workflow Processes
  • PDPM Case Mix
  • Medicaid CMI
  • Section GG Outcomes
  • Part B Programming

*In February, we announced all HTS Regional Directors and Assistant Regional Directors earned their PDPM Master Class Certification. This 12-month course for skilled nursing facilities was offered through Leading Age Indiana in 2020. The certification process included 15 hours of training and competency assessment provided by nursing and MDS experts at Proactive Medical Review.

HTS supports our valued partners with access to high demand IDT toolkits, trainings, and many other process improvement resources conveniently available on HTS PartnerHQ web portal. Not a partner? Contact us to discuss how your community can be part of these focus outcome discussions.

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