Available Now! Recovering After COVID

Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program

The HTS Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program was created by HTS clinical staff to improve strength, endurance, balance, activity tolerance, functional mobility, swallowing, and cognitive-communication… all of which can be adversely affected during the COVID-19 recovery process.

This program will help those individuals who are recovering from COVID-19 and are unable to return to the daily tasks they were able to complete at a prior level of function.

Achieving the highest possible quality of life and independence with the use of therapeutic exercises and training are used to facilitate successful COVID-19 recovery.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

The Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program can benefit those who have recovered from COVID-19 and are experiencing lingering health issues, such as:

  • Poor Endurance
  • Decreased Activity Tolerance
  • Muscle Weakness and Decreased Strength
  • Inability to Complete Daily Tasks when Compared to Prior Level of Function (walking or moving from bed to chair)
  • Difficulty Swallowing (coughing, choking, excessive throat clearing, swallowing pain)
  • Memory Problems or Difficulty Focusing
  • Soft Voice Difficult for Others to Hear
  • Difficulty Finding Words During Conversation

HTS Therapists are equipped with the knowledge and training to provide this critical treatment intervention to help patients achieve a successful COVID-19 recovery.  For more information about the HTS Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation Program, please contact your HTS Regional Director.

Need a Powerful Therapy Partner? Contact Amanda Green, Executive Director of Strategic Development amanda@htstherapy.com for information about our contract therapy partnerships.

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