Balance & Fall Prevention

Balance disorders are very common in older adults and are a major cause of falls. Balance problems can lead to injury, disability, loss of independence, and a limited quality of life. Maintaining proper balance and sense of body position is critical to preventing falls.

Therapy Can Help Reduce and Prevent Falls

Improve Balance: A Physical Therapist will assess your ability to balance while performing many activities. They will work with you on specific exercises that will train you on balancing while doing things such as catch a ball or reach for an item.

Build Endurance: Getting fatigued while walking can increase your risk of falling. Therapy can help you gain endurance through supportive exercises.

Increase Strength: Therapy will focus on strengthening your leg, hip and core muscles. These muscles are essential to mobility and will lessen your likelihood of falling.

Safety Awareness: Your therapist can make recommendations on how to make your living space safer in order to prevent falls. Also, help you with learning to walk with a cane or walker and adjust it to fit your height specifications.

October is National Physical Therapy Month!
National Physical Therapy Month is designed to recognize the impact that physical therapists and physical therapist assistants make in restoring and improving motion in people’s lives. Physical therapy may be necessary for those recovering after an illness, a fall, injury, surgery or chronic condition. Physical therapists work hard to help patients retain and regain their quality of life.


Speak with your doctor to find out how therapy could benefit you!


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