Navigating Nursing Home Trends into the New Fiscal Year

Blog by:  Shelly Maffia, RN, MSN, MBA, LNHA, QCP, CHC, CLNC, CPC, Director of Regulatory Services, Proactive LTC Consulting

As a new fiscal year begins, it’s the perfect time to dive into survey trends we’ve witnessed across the nation in the past year. These these trends can serve as a guide to preparations for upcoming surveys. For those eagerly awaiting the survey team’s arrival, these insights will help you steer the ship through the ever-shifting regulatory currents.

Notable trends in survey activity based on survey records in CASPER, as of 10/08/2023 for Fiscal Year 2023 (10/01/22-09/30/23) include…

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HTS partners with Proactive Medical Review, a third party company who specializes in ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and promoting measurable care excellence. The team includes SNF experienced nurse, MDS, Health Facility Administrator, therapist and reimbursement specialists with experience serving in multi-site contract therapy operations, as corporate directors of quality, clinical program specialists, and Compliance Officers. Proactive is uniquely positioned to assist in managing the many changes and challenges facing providers partnered with HTS. Learn more about our commitment to compliance here.

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