Tips to Prevent Low Back Pain

Low back pain is very common and can affect 4 out of 5 people at some time during their lives. As a person ages, lower back pain becomes even more prevalent. The lower back is involved in almost all activities of daily living like standing, walking, and lifting. Low back pain can limit many activities and reduce your quality of life. Although the causes can vary for each person; here are a few tips to prevent injury and pain.

How Therapy Can Help
If back pain is impacting your quality of life, talk with your doctor about physical therapy. A physical therapist will assess problems and recommend an individualized treatment plan with key exercises to improve your condition.

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  1. Eli Richardson
    Eli Richardson says:

    I believe my posture wasn’t the best, and ever since I started working from home, it got worse. That’s why I think my low back is causing me so much pain, so I’ll follow your advice and find a physical therapist to help me. I appreciate your insight on seeking a specialist’s help to assess and recommend individualized treatment.

  2. Austin Urlocker
    Austin Urlocker says:

    Absolutely nailed it! In our digital era, back pain is a common issue. Embracing spine and back-friendly practices in our daily routines, such as ergonomic work setups, proper lifting methods, and regular exercise, can make a significant difference.


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