The Benefits of Good Posture

The way you hold your body is posture and the way you move your body is body mechanics. There are correct ways to hold your body when you stand, walk, sit, lift and even sleep. Proper posture allows us to move in the way we want, causing our bodies the least amount of strain and damage. Adapting proper posture is an essential part to maintaining a healthy skeletal structure as you age.

  • REDUCE PAIN – Poor posture puts extra pressure on your discs and vertebrae and leads to injury and pain.
  • BREATHE EASIER – Good posture allows more space for your lungs to expand.
  • INCREASE ENERGY – When muscles are being used more efficiently it allows your body to use less energy.
  • IMPROVE BALANCE – Posture is part of balance. With age, your body tends to lean forward which makes you unstable and increases your risk for falling.


Improve Your Posture with Physical Therapy

A physical therapist can help correct and improve your posture by designing an individualized program of exercises and activities with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, and proper gait. Your balance may be improved with exercises that strengthen the core, back, ankle, knee, and hip muscles along with exercises that improve the function of the balance system. Exercises that are focused on improving posture will stretch tight muscles and keep joints strong. If you have concerns about your posture, call your doctor and ask if physical therapy can help.


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  1. Eli Richardson
    Eli Richardson says:

    It is awesome to know that physical therapy could help diminish pain. This is something my grandmother could benefit from to help her posture. With that set, I’ll speak with my dad so we can find her a physical therapist.

  2. Faylinn
    Faylinn says:

    I loved that you mentioned that when you have a good posture around your home and work and everyday life in general, you can have more energy because your muscles will be used more efficiently. My mom told me that ever since she had her back surgery she has been experiencing pain and it has been really hard for her to walk around. I think it is time that we find a therapist that can visit her at her house and help her exercise so she can accomplish these benefits.

  3. Jessie Holloway
    Jessie Holloway says:

    Thanks so much for pointing out that better posture allows for your lungs to expand more and gives you an easier time breathing. My sister has been worried about her posture since she’s been having a lot of back pain recently and she’s been trying to find a way to fix it. We’ve been looking into finding some professionals that specialize in posture that she can go see to help her improve.


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