By: Cassie Murray, OTR, ,QCP, Chief Operating Officer

  1. Adapt & Modify

    Adapt and modify your current processes to align with PDPM specific conditions and coding. Examples include:
    • Changes to your weekly Medicare meeting forms
    • Begin a 5-day assessment meeting for all Med A patients with each department contributing their PDPM-related information

  2. Master Methodology

    Master the methodology and include all staff in job relevant PDPM subject matter trainings.
    • Include staff training for coding of the functional status that is based on usual performance

  3. Ensure Comfort

    Ensure that your nurses are comfortable with the transition from section G to section GG for functional measure coding.

  4. Set-up for Success

    Set MDS up for success: Evaluate the work flow for MDS and gain an accurate picture of job responsibilities. While there are fewer required MDS assessments under PDPM, the time not spent in assessments can be used to ensure accurate and timely coding under PDPM.

  5. Restorative Nursing

    Opportunity to consider if restorative nursing may be a positive adjunct to skilled therapy services under PDPM.

  6. Improve Admission

    Improve Admission processes to ensure efficient data collection for the 5-day MDS and optimal information for coding accuracy. This may include educating doctors and hospitals on the importance of providing timely discharge summaries, surgical procedure codes and diagnosis specificity information at admission.

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