Staying active during the winter months can be challenging. The days get shorter, the nights get longer and well… it’s COLD! Although it may be tempting to curl up on your couch, it’s important to keep your exercise routine alive. The advantages to regular exercise far outweigh hibernating all winter. Also, did you know exercise can also boost your mood? Exercise helps keep those ‘winter blues’ away and increases your energy level so you can get more restful sleep at night.

Tips For Staying Active During Winter

Even if you don’t have a workout planned for the day, try to think of some way to be active. Here are some
examples of planned and unplanned ways to stay active:


  • Walk the mall. Since most malls open before their shops do, you can get your walking workout in while doing some window shopping.
  • Visit a health club. Choose a gym that’s convenient and ask staff how to use the equipment when unsure.
  • Join a class or sports league. Workingout with others is a helpful way to keep us motivated. With a little research, you can find classes/teams through community organizations, health clubs and other groups.

At Home:

  • Try a workout DVD. You could buy, rent or borrow. Scouring the internet for workouts suitable for you can help keep your routines fresh, too.
  • Create a home gym. This can be as simple as weights and bands, or if space and funds allow, you can invest in some practical, enjoyable and easy-to-use exercise equipment.
  • Keep cleaning. Sweeping, vacuuming and scrubbing can burn more calories than you may think.


  • Play in the snow. Building a snowman is a fun, simple way to get moving.
  • Walking. You can continue your normal routine if you wear the proper attire. Pay attention to your
    extremities, too. Exercising pulls blood to your core and away from extremities, including those areas
    most susceptible to frostbite: fingers, toes and ears. Be sure to keep these areas covered, as well as your head, since that’s where most of our body heat escapes.

Safety Tips

Daytime: Remember your sunscreen. Snow reflects the sun’s rays, making sunburn possible even in the winter.
Nighttime: Wear a reflective outer layer. If the surface of the ground is uneven due to weather conditions, choose footwear with enough traction to prevent falls.