By: Emily King, OTR, Clinical Consultant

Dementia/Memory Care

Dementia is one of the leading causes for placing a loved one in long term care. Nearly 60% of all nursing home elders have dementia and many individuals are concerned about the quality of memory care in nursing homes across the country. Healthcare Therapy Services, Inc. (HTS) recognizes the growing number of elders who suffer from memory impairments, and prepares their therapists to provide quality care through intense cognitive therapy educational trainings. These trainings are based on the theoretical frame of reference by Claudia Allen called the Cognitive Disabilities Model, which focuses on recognizing and reinforcing the use of remaining abilities. The therapists conduct formalized testing within this model to identify the elder’s current cognitive level. Based on the cognitive level established through testing, therapy staff and other care partners adapt activities, adjust approaches, modify the environment, and implement appropriate communication strategies. This evidence based treatment model helps eliminate trial and error treatment techniques and promotes each person’s best ability to function. Other training opportunities regularly offered to HTS teams include the Virtual Dementia Tour®—a Hands-on Dementia Experience and Positive Approach to Care.™ Read more

Let’s face it. Despite the fact we in the Long Term Care market tend to talk and focus on our Medicare A, Advantage and, more recently, private insurance patients…most of us still financially depend on our Case Mix rates. Except those relatively few specialty SNF providers in larger metro markets, the rest of us need our Medicaid (TennCare, Medi-Cal, etc.) dollars as a large portion of our revenue base. When that goes down? Well, no one’s happy. Read more


Recruiters are usually the first people candidates come into contact with. We are the reflection of the company. We establish and attend job fairs, networking events and campus events. We know the company inside out and understand the leadership structure of the organization. We are sales people, organizers, negotiators, personal guides, matchmakers, trainers, researchers and public relations specialists. The ability to encourage the right therapist to join our organization is what makes a great recruiter. Read more