Heart disease is the number one killer on the planet.  At some point you, or someone you know, will have a heart disease diagnosis and might even possibly suffer a heart attack.  When this happens it is one of the most frightening things to happen in a person’s life. Read more

Jimmo v. Sebelius – Medicare Lawsuit Summary

Jimmo V. Sebelius is a court case we have all been hearing about and reading about on the internet regarding quality of life. The case involved Medicare beneficiaries and The Center for Medicare Advocacy (non-for-profit) who filed a lawsuit regarding what they have termed the improvement standard by which Medicare beneficiaries who could benefit from services were denied services because they could not make enough progress. The Medicare regulations never held such language as the improvement standard; this was a general guideline that developed with increasing medical review of Medicare claims. Eventually, this standard was stated outright in claim denials for services such as therapy. The lack of progress was typically used to substantiate that the services were not medically necessary or worthwhile. Read more

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released Consumer Guidance regarding portable bed rails safety and tips for caretakers on December 19, 2013. The recommendations were released because of the continuing injuries and deaths related to entrapment and falls associated with bed rail products. Overall, there is no standard definition for bed rails but they are typically divided into three distinct types: adult portable bed rails, child portable bed rails, and hospital bed rails. Adult portable bed rails are different from hospital beds, which feature a unified system of mattress, frame, and rails. Read more