The knee is the largest and most complex joint in the body.  The number of moving parts in the knee that make it so useful also render it vulnerable to injury.  Incidence of knee pain increases with age and is a very common occurrence in older adults.  Home remedies to treat knee pain include: rest, ice, heat, anti-inflammatory medications, weight loss and low impact exercise.

Physical & Occupational Therapy Can Help

The goal of therapy is to reduce pain and inflammation, while increasing strength and flexibility in the affected areas.  A physical therapist can teach you how to work out stiffness without further damaging your joint.  An Occupational therapist will work with you to reduce strain on your joints during daily activities.  Participating in a therapy program you will learn therapeutic methods to relieve discomfort and improve performance through various physical techniques and activity modifications.  During therapy you will receive exercises that help your knees without increasing the risk for injury or further damage.

Knee Strengthening Basic Exercise Routine

  • Toe Push: In sitting position on chair, put feet together, knees apart.  Gently squeeze feet against each other.
  • Quad Set: Lay flat on back, one leg bent and one leg straight, slowly tighten muscles on thigh of straight leg.
  • Pillow Squeeze:  In sitting position on floor, place one pillow under and one pillow between knees.  Squeeze knees together while straightening them by pushing down into pillow.
  • Hamstring Strengthening: Standing behind chair, place hands on back of chair, lift right heel toward buttocks.


Talk with your physician about your treatment plan and ask if Occupational or Physical Therapy can help.