Earning a Job:

As social media continues to dominate our daily lives, it’s more important than ever to consider your online presence when searching for and earning a job. According to Jobvite, a top online recruiting platform, up to 92% of Recruiters and Hiring Managers are using social media during the hiring process. And companies are not just using LinkedIn; up to 55% of Recruiters say they also use Facebook or other social sources to evaluate candidates. With that in mind, here are some tips and ideas for making sure your social profiles help rather than hinder your job search.

5 Tips for Earning a Job:

  1. This may sound like a no-brainer but it’s perhaps the most important tip we can provide: do not post anything on your social media accounts that you would not want an employer or potential employer to see. Even if you think your privacy settings are ironclad, you cannot depend on these settings as they’re known to change frequently. Also, you may not be aware of mutual friends between you and the Hiring Manager who might assist in providing information about your social media presence. When it comes to social media, it’s best to keep your profiles “business casual.”
  2. Regardless of the field you’re entering, think about your spelling and grammar when creating posts. According to Jobvite, up to 66% of Recruiters said they would hold poor spelling and grammar against candidates. Use social media as a platform to show that you’re educated and articulate.
  3. Recruiters are using social media to determine things like previous work experience and cultural fit. Up to 88% of Recruiters in the Jobvite survey indicated that fitting into the company culture is an important factor when evaluating candidates. Use your social profiles to showcase your personality in a positive way. Highlight your hobbies and interests so you give Recruiters an opportunity to see that you are exactly what their team has been missing.
  4. Remember to share the good stuff! Information about volunteering or donations to charity leaves a very positive impression on Hiring Managers. Also, it’s important to be who you say you are on your resumé and application. If you’re touting all of your charitable work in the interview process but your social media presence shows otherwise, you run the risk of looking inconsistent.
  5. With so many Recruiters using social media to network with and evaluate candidates, you might find it helpful to interact with the potential employer’s social media pages. Always be upbeat and complimentary while you engage in conversation. Not only will this give you an opportunity to keep your name top-of-mind, but it will set you apart from other candidates.

We hope you’ll take these thoughts and ideas to use social media as a tool for earning a job.  These tips can help you to secure not just any job, but your ideal job. If you are seeking a new career opportunity, contact the team at HTS Therapy! HTS provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and acute care hospitals.

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