This article was published in the Alzheimer’s Association Newsletter this month and offers a summary of recent research on mild cognitive impairment and progression of cognitive decline. Completing a thorough cognitive assessment as part of the rehab course, helps us to address daily living skills and discharge transitions effectively and may assist physicians in identifying early cognitive changes to promote symptom management. Check out the full article below: Read more

Did you know that we have 206 bones in our body? Bones help protect our brains, heart and other organs from injury.  Every day, our body breaks down old bone and puts new bone in its place.  As we get older, our bones break down more bone than they can put back.  It is normal to lose some bone mass as we age, however if we do not take the appropriate steps to keep our bones healthy, we can lose too much. Read more

Stretching has many benefits.  In general, stretching helps with relaxation, and much flexibility can be gained from stretching on a regular basis.  Usually, stretching is done before and after exercises to warm up and soothe muscles.  However, stretching for seniors is a whole other story. Read more

Since our bodies are mostly water, and water is essential for every bodily function, it is very crucial to replenish our systems often by drinking plenty of water. When we get enough water our bodies are much more likely to function at optimal levels. Without enough water we begin to feel the symptoms of dehydration very quickly. Read more

According to AT&T, their team of scientists have been developing prototype connected health products, with the goal of making everyday household items “part of the network cloud.”

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The CDC recently published the results of a study related to injuries occuring in the bathroom resulting in emergency department (ED) visits. An excerpt from the article is provided below.

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Smart phone apps may be a useful tool as part of the individualized safe transition plan from rehab.

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Healthcare Therapy Services, Inc. is teaming up with Swiss Village Retirement Community in Berne, IN ( to provide a monthly series of education on fall prevention for older adults.

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Interested in learning more about how you can be an effective partner in facility infection control efforts? Check out the “Partnering to Heal” computer based video-simulation training program at

to access the training tools and test your infection control knowledge by assuming the identity of a healthcare worker and making simulated decisions that impact patient outcomes and risk of transmission of MRSA, UTI and other infections. Check it out!

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