Census building in a time of overbedding and narrowing networks is challenging. You need to add more members to your marketing team. Luckily, HTS’ post-acute care marketing experts are here to help!

Marketing Support
to Keep You Competitive

To the general community, post acute care isn’t something we think about until the last minute when we need it. Whether you’re marketing to the general community, at hospital bedside or trying to partner with hospitals, your marketing needs to be smart, intentional and effective.

Our marketing experts are extremely hands on working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to help achieve and maintain strong market positioning. As every client and market is unique, you need partners that know your specic challenges and can help develop solutions and a plan for success.

Kathy Wittmer
Administrator at Ketcham Memorial Center

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciate HTS! From keeping us informed on all the every changing updates, the professional and fantastic therapists, the support we receive from your home office, and all of your marketing support has made it so much easier and fun to get the word out about what we offer for our community. God truly has blessed me with HTS!"

HTS Census Building Solutions

Outcome & Metrics Tracking & Reporting
Hospital Partner Strategies for ACO & Bundled Payment
Targeted Physician Marketing
Hospital Analysis and Research for Developing Clinical Niche
Patient Engagement, Satisfaction & Health Literacy
Branding, Advertising & Graphic Design
Community Outreach
Personalized Marketing Plan & Implementation