Managing Chronic Pain

Physical & Occupational Therapy

More people in America suffer from pain than diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined. When pain lasts for a long time (more than 6 months), it is called chronic pain. Chronic pain affects more than 130 million Americans.

“Older Adults should not accept pain as a common and accepted part of ageing.
There are ways to manage it.” – American Chronic Pain Association


Managing & Treating Your Pain

Treating chronic pain can be difficult because it varies from person to person as well as many different causes and possible treatments. Developing the right treatment plan for your diagnosis is often the work of a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals. When consulting with your doctor, he may refer you to visit a physical and occupational therapist.

Physical Therapy (PT)
Physical therapists can assess your chronic pain and establish a therapy treatment plan fit for you. Treatment may include both passive and active treatments. Passive treatments help you to relax, while active treatments are therapeutic exercises that strengthen your body and help you deal with your pain.

Occupational Therapy (OT)
Occupational therapists understand that pain is subjective and complex. OT’s work to evaluate how pain may be impacting your desired activities and quality of life. They can teach skills and strategies to help manage and cope with your pain.

Pain Reducing Technology
Therapists may use non-invasive technology such as electrical stimulation (e-stim) which blocks the pain signal to the affected area while reducing inflammation. Also, ultrasound therapy and a combination of heat and cooling therapies may be used to reduce pain.

If pain is affecting your ability to perform daily tasks or keeping you from enjoying activities, talk with
your doctor about physical and occupational therapy treatment options.

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