During a recent college visit, we were prompted with this question: how do you know if a company is reputable if you’re not from the area? Many times, newly licensed therapists consider positions in different cities and states from where they grew up or attended school. Pursuing an opportunity out of your geographic comfort zone poses excellent potential opportunities including: landing a job in your desired setting, growing and developing as a person and a therapist, and a chance for a fresh start. However, sometimes it’s difficult to determine if the new position you’re considering will actually be in your best interest in the long run. Here are some tips for finding and vetting a new company: Read more

Check the news headlines and you can’t avoid seeing stories – usually negative – that essentially involve cultural clashes: wars, immigration debates, police-involved shootings, terrorism, the list goes on. In healthcare, there are similar clashes. A child taken from its parents because the parents disagree with doctors about cancer treatment, a patient who chooses alternative remedies rather than conventional treatments, even healthcare affordability and accessibility; all involve cultural issues. Read more