Healthcare Therapy Services, Inc. is teaming up with Swiss Village Retirement Community in Berne, IN ( to provide a monthly series of education on fall prevention for older adults.

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Interested in learning more about how you can be an effective partner in facility infection control efforts? Check out the “Partnering to Heal” computer based video-simulation training program at

to access the training tools and test your infection control knowledge by assuming the identity of a healthcare worker and making simulated decisions that impact patient outcomes and risk of transmission of MRSA, UTI and other infections. Check it out!

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Excellent therapists are no longer defined by clinical skills alone. In today’s evolving healthcare climate, clinicians must be able to reflect the skilled nature of their problem solving abilities, direct care services and measurements of postive patient outcomes with precision.  Therapy documentation may be used to determine if payment criteria are met under medical review.  But keep in mind that your entries may also be scrutinized as part of a legal dispute and analyzed during facility surveys.  The following tips will help you to meet the challenge of maintaining professional standards of documentation: Read more